8 Imaginative Panther-Dragon Tattoos And Flash!

Panthers and dragons make awesome tattoos, but together they make some imaginative panther-dragon tattoos!
Separately panthers and dragons make some fierce and powerful tattoos, both with a long history in tattoo imagery. Together however they can create an even more powerful image, that of a panther-dragon. Panther-dragon tattoos are a combination of panthers and dragons and combine the features of both images into one single image.
The panther-dragon design is attributed to tattoo legend Ed Hardy and comes from a flash design he did during his career. A coming together of two bold and brilliant tattoo images panther-dragon tattoos make a beautifully creative and striking tattoo that you won't soon forget seeing. Here are some great examples of panther-dragon tattoos, both on skin and as flash! Enjoy the intensity that is a panther-dragon tattoo!
Ed Hardy Panther Dragon Tattoo Design
unknown artist
Panther Dragon Flash by Benny McDowall
Panther Dragon Tattoo by Marion Street Tattoo Denver
Panther Dragon Flash by Joseph Gutshall
Panther Dragon Tattoo by Nick Rose
Panther Dragon Flash by Michael Caldwell
Panther Dragon Tattoo by Radtattooey