10 Cool Colored Crab Tattoos!

Cool colored and fun crab tattoos for those who love the ocean, are born under the zodiac sign of cancer or just like seafood!!
Crab tattoos are an awesome tattoo filler for collectors who are born under the zodiac sign of cancer! But anyone could have on - I mean, who doesn't love seafood?! Crabs are also a symbol of the ocean, so some people who have crab tattoos got them to remind them of the time they spent at, in or by the ocean...
No matter the story behind, these collectors crab tattoos, the common denominator is: all these tattoos look solid and awesome!
Love the blues on this crab tattoo, makes it much COOLER.
Crab with lemons!
Fine lines and contrast make this crab tattoo look smooth yet solid.
Look at that sinking ship in the body area of this crab tattoo! NICE!
Solid bold lines! This crab tattoo looks long lasting!
Nice dot work in the body of this crab tattoo by Matt Stebly!
Check out the awesome detail on this crab tattoo!
Awesome crab tattoo with tribal, anchor, and lettering tattoo!
Check oute detail inside the body of this crab tattoo!
Solid rendering on this crab tattoo!