Artistic Tattoos By Lukas Zglenicki

Artistic Tattoos By Lukas Zglenicki

Lukas Zglenicki creates artistic tattoos worth contemporary art.
These past years, we have admired the development of contemporary tattoo art, with artists such as Peter Aurisch and Lukas Zglenicki. Their tattoos are real masterpieces on skin, with artistic effects and poetic designs. The creations of Lukas especially seem to come directly from a sketch-book or a real canvas. His artistic tattoos are full of imagination and originality.
Beautiful cosmic dog.
Artistic mystery...
Dandy bear.
Pretty piece by Lukas Zglenicki
Creative wolf head.
Poetic and artistic portrait.
Badass crow.
Double exposure cat by Lukas Zglenicki
Rad fox.
Handsome Native Indian warrior.
Terrific pirate by Lukas Zglenicki
Vibrant color.
Cute piece.
Fun cutie!
Awesome owl!
And a slightly different, but elegant and colorful piece. Also by Lukas Zglenicki
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