Democrat Campaigner Got A Hillary Clinton Portrait Tattoo

A volunteer campaigner is showing off a rather bold black and grey Hillary Clinton portrait tattoo.
Hillary Clinton's campaign to become the next President is going well and her volunteer campaigners have shown the true meaning of loyalty. Although 33 year-old volunteer-campaigner Justin Smith has shown more loyalty and support than most of others with his Hillary Clinton portrait tattoo!!
Hillary Clinton portrait tattoo
Clinton has been Smith's “hero for 23 years” and a tattoo to celebrate his appreciation for the Democratic presidential hope seemed like the right tattoo to get. A bold and striking tattoo on his lower leg, the Clinton portrait tattoo is certainly one of a kind and a tattoo you definitely won't see everyday. Make sure to watch the video below to see the tattoo in all of its glory.
What do you think of the Clinton portrait tattoo? Do you think Hillary would appreciate the dedication of this loyal campaigner?
We're Sure Clinton Would Love Smiths Tattoo!