Gypsy Gentleman Travelling Tattoo Documentary Videos: Paris

Tattoo artist Marcus Kuhn has been travelling the world to make 7 documentary videos about tattooing. Today… Episode 6: Paris, France.
Gypsy Gentleman tattoo documentaries - Paris.
Tattoo artist Marcus Kuhn has created a series of tattoo video documentaries called The Gypsy Gentleman

Marcus is a world renowned tattooer and painter who has been tattooing for 30 years. He spends half of the year traveling and tattooing all around the world to make video documentaries in many different countries and cities. 

There are 7 episodes so far and each gives a sense of the place it’s filmed in. New York, Austin, San Diego, San Francisco, London, Paris and Japan.

We want to introduce you to each of the videos, one by one. Today… here is Paris, France, featuring interviews with tattoo artists Laura Satana and Tin-Tin.
Marcus Kuhn interviews Laura Santana for the Paris tattoo documentary.