Tattoo Ink Made Of Human Hair? You Said What Now?

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A Swiss startup recently shared their high hopes and big plans in developing the best method to infuse tattoo ink made of human hair.

Photo by Peter J Thompson
Photo by Peter J Thompson

While the concept of blending things like human ashes is nothing new to the tattoo community, mixing in hair as tattoo ink contents isn't something your tattoo artist asks you on your regular visits. As weird as this may sound, so did the idea of mixing a dead person's ash in something that will go under your skin. But some people have already overcome the risks in inserting something foreign under your skin so if done successfully, this plan just might be on to something.

As stated in their website, “In year 1946, Frank Sinatra sung ‘I've Got You Under My Skin.’ In year 2016, Skin46 Connective Tattoo will make it happen!” Skin46 is in the process of developing a method to incorporate human hair in their tattoos which they see as a big tattoo revolution in the tattoo world.

David Bowie
David Bowie

So if, by some means, I've gotten a hold of some strands of Bowie's hair... Yep, I think these guys really are onto something.

For those of you interested, you may help get this thing going here.

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