This Man Finds Out The Worst Time To Have A “F*ck Cops” Face Tattoo

This man shows us how face tattoos are NOT done. We're really not quite sure if this move was more stupid than ballsy or vice-versa.
Just last month, Paul Terry, 26, and Sonja Moro, 29, were brought to Tulsa County jail for robbing Moro's ex-boyfriend and demanding $100, 000 from him. They were both charged with armed robbery. They may have gotten away if Moro didn't stay behind to demand more money from the victim—and the fact that Terry's tattoos are pretty distinguishable. Hard to miss when you have a pretty specific message to—of all people—the cops tattooed across your forehead.
Sure man, it's a free country and all but we can all agree that this isn't really the type of tattoo you'd want to have on your face if you ever engage yourselves into anything illegal, yeah?
Not sure if “no ragrets” or “God help me.”
This isn't the first time the cops caught up to him, though. He did get his 5 minutes of fame back in June last year when he was charged with Domestic Assault and Battery, Malicious Injury to Property and Interference with an Emergency call in Tulsa, Oklahoma.