Colorful Illustrative Tattoos By Virginie B

Colorful Illustrative Tattoos By Virginie B

The illustrative style of Virginie B mixes romanticism with inspiration from Tim Burton's universe.
After an apprenticeship of a year and a half with one of the French tattoo masters, Dimitri HK, the young Virginie B is now tattooing in her co-owned private shop, La Brûlerie, near Paris. She is known for her very personal style, illustrative tattoos and paintings oscillating between childhood and gothic. Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland as well as the Santa Muerte are among her influences. You will certainly be attracted to her doll-like creations, full of poetry and elegance.
The Nightmare before Christmas inspired feet.
Cute doll.
Lovely red panda.
Poisoned mojito, someone?
Wonderland's rabbit...
Lovely Russian doll.
POetic farm girl.
Gorgeous scalp tattoo!
Charming lucky cat.
Gorgeous red-haired lady.
Adorable fox.
Gothic Queen.
Very cool message.
Amazing tattoo (and dress too!).
You can see more of Virginie B's artwork on her Facebook page.
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