DC Comics Unveils Tattooed Characters In “Scooby Apocalypse”

Your favorite mystery-solving, ghost-hunting, monster-busting crew is back with a revamped version brought to you by DC Comics!
DC Comics
Scooby and the gang is back and ready to kick some undead ass in the comics, with DC giving the crew a drastic, new look. In the recent photo uploaded by DC, the beloved Scoobs is now sporting a bionic eye, while Velma is drawn to look like a genius pre-pubescent girl, and Daphne traded her makeup and skirt for a futuristic gun and combat overalls. It looks like Fred channeled his inner, rough macho man as he flaunted his tribal arm tattoo and torch-looking gun. But it was really Shaggy who went through a complete overhaul with his handlebar moustache, full-on hipster beard, ear tunnels, and tattoo sleeve.
DC promises to bring fans the same mystery-solving, phony villain ass-kicking gang they all used to love so much but it looks like fans are having none of it. Check out some of their reactions below:
DC Comics/Facebook
DC Comics/Facebook
Most of the fans were really just wondering what drugs Shaggy is now on.
DC Comics/Facebook
While some were very emotional about it and didn't take it too well.
DC Comics/Facebook
And this guy has other plans on what would make a better plot.
Photo by Jeff Zoet
Maybe photographer Jeff Zoet really was onto something when he made his own version of a revamped Scooby Doo photo series. And you, thought on DC's refurbished Mystery Machine gang?