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Australian Tattoo Expo: One In Five Australians Have A Tattoo!

Australian Tattoo Expo: Aussies are becoming one of the worlds most tattooed nations!

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The Australian International Tattoo Expo is underway and features artists from across the world.

Australia has become one of the world's most tattooed nations, one in five Australians have a tattoo and one in four Australian women sport some ink! Over the past decade tattooing has grown rapidly in the land down under and has gone from an underground subculture to a mainstream fashion. 

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Australia's Tattoo Industry Is Booming! AustralianTattoo australia convention tattooconvention
Australia's Tattoo Industry Is Booming! #AustralianTattoo #australia #convention #tattooconvention

With the rise of the Australian tattoo industry there is more interest in body art and the Australian International Tattoo Expo hypes it even more. Just having taken place last weekend in Sydney, the Expo featured some of the world's biggest artists and many local talented tattoo artists.

In case you were not in Sydney for the Expo, don't worry - the same Expo will be in Perth September 16-18th 2016 and in Melbourne November 18-20th.

Robert Davies
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US celebrity tattoo judge Bernadette Macias is in Australia for the Expo and helped shed light on the rise of tattooing in the country. “It’s more personal, and this is shown by a higher proportion of women getting tattoos.”

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