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Drew Barrymore Got The Sweetest Tattoo For Her Kids

Arguably the coolest mom on the planet, Drew Barrymore just got even cooler by adding this cute tattoo for her children to her collection.

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At 41 years old, Drew Barrymore is killing it now more than ever. In addition to her always-thriving career, she has two of the most gorgeous kids on the planet- so it's no wonder she wanted to get a tattoo to honor them. Shit, I'd probably get one for them too- they're cute as hell. 

Barrymore posted the below photo to her Instagram, teasing her followers with the caption "Guess what I'm getting...." 

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Shortly after, she posted the cutest picture ever, featuring her artist, a enormous smile and the caption “Getting a great little lifetime note on my arm." 

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Then, finally, after much anticipation- Barrymore posted a picture of the final product; the most adorable little scrawlings of her childrens' names on her wrist. 

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This tattoo is the most recent of Barrymore's ever-growing collection. Among her other tattoos a simple outline of a bird on her right forearm, a bouquet of flowers on her hip, a cross on her lower leg, a butterfly on her torso, a tiny crescent moon on her toe, and two angels on her lower back.  

Keep 'em coming, Drew!



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