Girl Gets Jeremy Lin Tattoo By Mistake!

Girl Gets Jeremy Lin Tattoo By Mistake!

When Holland Christensen got a Chinese tattoo the last thing she expected it to say was the name of an NBA player she'd never heard of!!

Tattoo stories don't get any more bizarre than this one! 

Tennessee native Holland Christensen decided to get a small tattoo on her ankle. And after finding the words she wanted, 'My True North' in Chinese, she headed to the tattoo shop. However Holland made the mistake of trusting the internet in translating her tattoo and what she got was not 'My True North' but 'Jeremy Lin'- yep she got the Charlotte Hornets point guard name tattooed on her ankle! 

"...I copied it and pasted it into Google Translate and there it was..."

“I realized it didn’t say [my true north] when I got to thinking about it a few days later. Like, hey maybe I should check this...I copied it and pasted it into Google translate and there it was. I just wanted to throw something across the room.”

Instead of freaking out over the tattoo, Holland instead decided to embrace it. She began watching YouTube clips of Lin and following his games, even taking to social media to share her somewhat bizarre tattoo story, and amazingly Lin heard it! 

The NBA star took to Twitter and Reddit to share an image of his own new tattoo (courtesy of a sharpie) accompanying it with the words “Saw this tattoo online and copied it, anyone know what it means?"

Definitely, a tattoo story like no other Holland's tattoo has introduced her to the world of NBA and as of last night, she finally got to meet Lin himself. After attending one of his games Holland got the chance to meet Lin, and it seems he has gained a permanent new fan!! 

Holland's Jeremy Lin tattoo is certainly a different one and another reminder to always do your research before you get tattoos!!

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