Imaginative 'S' Tattoos by Donny Didit

Imaginative 'S' Tattoos by Donny Didit

Remember those little funky 'S' you'd draw on your school work, well Donny Didit turns them into rad tattoos!!

These imaginative little 'S' tattoos will have you wanting to join the 'S' gang in no time!!

If you want a tattoo to remember how cool you were in school, then look no further than the creative 'S' tattoos of Donny Didit. Combining the funky little 'S' design with some classic tattoo imagery Donny's 'S' tattoos are a clever little design that you're sure to love. Perhaps the coolest of all gap filler tattoos these 'S' tattoos are just awesome so get ready to have some tattoo fun!! 

To see more of Donny's rad little 'S' tattoos head over to Instagram and give them a follow!! 

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