Hyper-Realistic Paintings Of Tattooed People By Frank Oriti

Hyper-Realistic Paintings Of Tattooed People By Frank Oriti

Frank Oriti paints unbelievably realistic pictures of individuals with tattoos.

Ohio-based painter Frank Oriti creates artworks... of artwork! These portrait paintings are so realistic they look like photographs. 

There are a lot of photo-realistic art and tattoos out there, and the portraits you are about to see will not fail to deliver!

Frank Oriti began his career as an artist creating work inspired by his past experience in the blue-collar work force. Since then he has gone on to be the recipient of the Cleveland Arts Prize Emerging Artist Award and had his work featured in the prestigious BP Portrait Award in London's National Portrait Gallery

These stunning portrait paintings eloquently capture the individual's commitment to tattoos, and the beauty of the art we choose to wear on our bodies.

You can explore more artworks on Frank's website.

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