Selena Gomez posing with a fan, feat. her mystery tattoo selenagomez littlepony pony mylittlepony

Selena Gomez May Have Gotten The Cutest My Little Pony Tattoo Ever

Or did she?

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Selena Gomez has a few little tattoos. Pretty simple, minimal designs for the most part- however, she may have just thrown us a curveball with her newest ink. Maybe. 

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I spy a tiny My Little Pony.... selenagomez littlepony pony mylittlepony
I spy a tiny My Little Pony.... #selenagomez #littlepony #pony #mylittlepony

The star was spotted out in NYC recently, posing with fans like the little angel she is, with a very prominent new tattoo peaking out from her (undone?) jeans. And yeah, it's definitely a My Little Pony character. 

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Closer look at the my little pony design. selenagomez littlepony pony mylittlepony
Closer look at the my little pony design. #selenagomez #littlepony #pony #mylittlepony
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Yep... that's the one. mylittlepony selenagomez
Yep... that's the one. #mylittlepony #selenagomez

Seems out of character considering her other tattoos are made of simple black script and thin, delicate lines- but hey, to each his own. We don't even know if it's real or not, so..  I guess we'll have to wait this one out and see if it makes any more appearances. That, or we wait until more cartoon characters start popping up all over her body- then maybe it will be safe to assume that it is in fact real, and she has lost her mind. 



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