Striking Bio-Organic Tattoos by Ty McEwen

Striking Bio-Organic Tattoos by Ty McEwen

Ty McEwen has a bold and dynamic style that brings his bio-organic tattoos to life.

If you love the bio-organic look then Ty McEwen's work will be just the thing for you. 

Bio-organic tattoos bring together a number of different styles, from sci-fi and fantasy to anatomy and mechanical. Inspired by the human body bio-organic tattoos look insane and are a style that looks better the bigger you go- I mean what's more awesome than a kickass bio-organic backpiece!!

Of course if you want your own bio-organic tattoo, you're best to go to someone who knows their stuff, someone like Ty McEwen. Tattooing from The Blind Tiger Tattoo McEwen creates epic bio-organic tattoos that'll leave you impressed, to say the least. Be sure to check out all of McEwen's work over on Instagram, but right now enjoy these brilliant bio-organic tattoos. 

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