12 Peculiar Mummy Tattoos

If you like quirky ink you'll love these mummy tattoos.

21inkedd9 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Fun, funky and a little weird, mummy tattoos are where it's at! 

If you want to be technical, a mummy is a deceased human or animal who has been preserved by intentional or accidental exposure to chemicals, cold, or lack of air so the body does not decay.  Now while mummies have been found on every continent they hold most association with Egypt. In fact if you think of a mummy your mind almost always goes to Ancient Egypt, not surprising considering over one million mummified animals have been found in the country- most of which were cats! 

Mummy tattoos are most commonly inspired by those of Ancient Egypt and often feature on Halloween themed flash. A quirky little design, mummy tattoos make quite the filler and can be as creative and weird as you like, the weirder the better really! Take a look at these peculiar mummy tattoos and get some funky inspiration.