From "Slim" to "Scum": Johnny Depp's Message For Amber Heard

If there's one thing to learn from Johnny Depp it's that tattoos are permanent, but relationships are not.

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Obviously Johnny Depp didn't learn from his "Winona Forever" tattoo and got not one, but two tattoos during the course of his relationship with Amber Heard. 

When his relationship with Winona Ryder ended, Depp altered the tattoo to read "Wino Forever". This time around, rather than a name, Depp went with Amber's nickname of "SLIM" and a pin-up style portrait of her. 

Following a very messy and public marriage break-up, TMZ reports that Depp has wasted no time in making changes to the tattoos, removing any mention of Heard on his body. 

The knuckles on Depp's right hand now read "SCUM" - a very visible and passive aggressive nod to Amber. 

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From "SLIM" to "SCUM" via JohnnyDepp knuckles knuckletattoo
From "SLIM" to "SCUM" via #JohnnyDepp #knuckles #knuckletattoo

The pin-up on the inside of Depp's right arm has been covered with what appears to be a big blob of ink. Once all this divorce drama has blown over, perhaps Johnny Depp will reveal exactly what it is. 

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From an Amber Heard inspired pin-up to some weird grey blob via JohnnyDepp coverup coveruptattoo
From an Amber Heard inspired pin-up to some weird grey blob via #JohnnyDepp #coverup #coveruptattoo

Relationship tattoos may seem like a good idea at the time, but Johnny Depp is but one example of why you might end up regretting them. Think before you ink, because there's never an easy or cheap way to remove or cover up the tattoo of your lost love. 

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