Check Out Neymar's New Tattoo After Winning Gold in Rio

Brazil's golden boy will never forget that day.

JayDee7 months ago in Sports

If you know anything about sports, chances are you've heard about Neymar. The electrifying forward scored a textbook free-kick which had perfect written all over it.

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Neymar's Rio 2016 Tattoo #brazil #neymar #neymarjr #rio2016 #olympics
Neymar's Rio 2016 Tattoo #brazil #neymar #neymarjr #rio2016 #olympics

Later in the game, Germany struck back to tie the game at 1 with a beautiful passing play. 

The game remained tied until the very end and the two powerhouses went to a shootout. After Germany missed their fifth shot, it was up to Neymar to put an end to the contest to win gold for his country, something that hadn't been done before by their men's football squad. 

A whole nation watched as Neymar approached the ball and kicked it in the right top corner. Brazil had done it.

The scene was nothing short of astounding. In honour of winning gold, Neymar decided to get a tattoo on his wrist to immortalize the moment.