PECK VS NUNEZ: let the Ink Master Battle Begin

PECK VS NUNEZ: let the Ink Master Battle Begin

Chris Nunez & Oliver Peck will face off in the most anticipated season of Ink Master yet.

In just two days time, Season 8 of Ink Master will kick off, much to the anticipation of its loyal fan base - though producers have flipped the script this time around...

The competition will begin with 30 confident contestants tattooing convention-style, though 12 artists are rumored to hit the judges chopping block before the first challenge is over. Nice and humiliating.

When the dust settles, 2 teams of 9 hopeful "Ink Masters" will go head to head under the wings of judges Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez.

Spike is no doubt pulling out all the stops this season as you can see in this movie-quality trailer below.

So what team are you on?

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