Watch: Women with Tattoos and Their Stories

Watch: Women with Tattoos and Their Stories

A new video released by Stylist Magazine in the UK showcases female tattoo enthusiasts.

Stylist Magazine has teamed up with the Women With Tattoos photography project to release an insightful video about why we choose to get tattooed.

A UK fashion magazine recently released a creative new film that shows tattooed women in a beautiful and elegant light - and I was proud to have been part of it!

I was photographed as part of the project Women With Tattoos earlier this year. It was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to reflect on why I choose to decorate my body with tattoos.

Since then, Stylist Magazine met with those of us from the Women With Tattoos community, to make a mini-film which explores women, tattoos and the concept of body ownership. 

As women, why do we choose to get tattooed? What does it represent about how we see our bodies?

Watch below to find out more or read the full piece on the Stylist website.

Get to know more about the project Women With Tattoos and read the full interview on the Women With Tattoos blog.

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