Amazing Tattoo Inspired Skateboards by Simonetta Briganti

Amazing Tattoo Inspired Skateboards by Simonetta Briganti

These skateboard decks are insane!!

Old school tattoo imagery on a skateboard is always going to look cool!

Italian artist Simonetta Briganti creates unique old school tattoo flashes onto skateboard decks! Using bold paints and classic tattoo images like snakes, panthers and daggers; Briganti creates some of the coolest flash inspired art I've ever seen! Perhaps not something you'd ever want to ride, the work of Briganti would look amazing on any wall and brighten any room.

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A creative use of the tattoo medium, Briganti's flash inspired skateboards combine two classic subcultures that already have a strong connection. Both somewhat rebellious activities- tattooing and skateboarding share many characteristics but seeing tattoo art applied to skateboards takes it to the next level.

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