Bella Thorne. BellaThorne Celebrity cattattoo whiskers fingertattoo

Cat Tattoo Enthusiast Bella Thorne Just Got yet Another Feline Tattoo

Bella Thorne's collection of cat-themed tattoos just grew.

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Bella Thorne is a celebrity I'm told. A quick look at her Wikipedia page says that she was in a Disney channel series, a TV show called My Own Worst Enemy, and a Katy Perry documentary. I have no idea who she is and I don't think I've ever seen her in anything, but that won't stop me from delivering this BREAKING NEWS!

Thorne recently headed to the tattoo parlor to get the words "Wild Kitty" tattooed on her calves. This follows her theme of cat-inspired tattoos.

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Bella Thorne appears to be head over heels for her new tattoos. BellaThorne Celebrity cattattoo WildKitty Snapchat
Bella Thorne appears to be head over heels for her new tattoos. #BellaThorne #Celebrity #cattattoo #WildKitty #Snapchat

Thorne posted the picture on her Snapchat after getting the fresh ink. The 18-year-old is super proud of her collection of tiny tattoos that include a heart on her shoulder as well as her eyebrows.

Her other cat-themed tattoo is the nose and whiskers on her index finger.

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I wonder if Bella will continue her cat-related theme or if she will do something else for her next body art. This is absolutely a story that will be constantly developing and we here at Tattoodo will keep our fingers on the pulse of this story to give you the latest.



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