Picture Perfect Flowers by Phil Garcia

Picture Perfect Flowers by Phil Garcia

Some velvety floral tattoos for your viewing pleasure.

Phil Garcia specializes in realism, both color and black and grey. His true speciality, however, is tattooing flowers. His illustrations of chrysanthemums, lilies, peonies, and roses are spectacular to behold. Each one stays in full luscious bloom forever on his clients' skin, making them truly perennial. The richness of their coloration makes them very visceral to the viewer, almost as if you can synthetically smell their sweet aroma by gazing upon them.   

Garcia has illustrated almost every single type of large petaled flower in the world. Above we see a variety of roses in different colors as well as one of his signature tiger lilies, which stand out because of the freckles as well as elongated pistol and stamens. We particularly enjoy how lush his red peony and purple carnation are. They're more than lovely to look at.

It's wonderful how Garcia compliments his superb blossoms with delicate creatures from the natural world. We love it when he depicts butterflies alighting on his roses or hummingbirds hovering or perched near chrysanthemums. These pieces of his have a true ecological beauty to them.

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We hope you like Garcia's little flower shop of brilliant color realism. If you want to see more of his outstanding floral tattoos, make sure to meander on over to his Instagram. Also, if you would like a vivid lotus or lily of your own, consider having him illustrate it. Lastly, if you want to see some more exquisite flower porn, check out this post filled with gorgeous roses.

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