The Loveliest Mermaids of 2016

The Loveliest Mermaids of 2016

Watch out, sailors, these beautiful creatures are to die for.

One of our favorite motifs that has been handed down through American traditional tattooing is that of the mermaid. Images of these mythological babes were commonly tattooed on sailors in the past, and this practice lead to their widespread diaspora within the art form today. Check out this astounding array of maritime tattoos that feature figures who are half-human and half-fish. Watch out though; they just might steal your heart and leave you drowning in their beauty.

Mermaids look fantastic in both the traditional and neo-traditional styles as well as illustrative blackwork. Their posturing is always wonderful, featuring them in relaxed and leisurely positions with arms behind their heads and hands running through their long hair. They look best when accompanied by other maritime imagery such as clippers and anchors. Each one of these lovely aquatic ladies almost seems to be singing off their collectors' skin, luring us to our demise with their looks. 

While mermaids are alluring, mermen have their own masculine charm to them. We love how the beards of these fish-tailed hunks seem to waft in the ocean's currents. We especially enjoy how Susanne Konig's depiction of one of these mythical men of the sea is covered in tattoos and wearing a beanie (he must swim in Arctic waters).

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We hope you found these tattoos of mermaids and men as enchanting as we did. We could look at them all day long, and we haven't even been at sea for months on end. If you, too, fell under their spell, make sure to check out the Instagrams of the artists who illustrated them. Also, should you want your own tattoo of one of these majestic mythical creatures, consider commissioning one of them to do it.

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