The Tattoos That Bind: Siblings Show Their Love Permanently

The Tattoos That Bind: Siblings Show Their Love Permanently

You may spend your childhood fighting each other, but loving brothers and sisters put all that aside and get tattooed together.

There’s something wonderful and magical about the bond between siblings. No one will ever love you like your brothers or sisters, just as you’ll never love anyone else the way you love them. Or so I’ve been led to believe — I’m an only child myself. But I have read about this sort of thing in books by people like Louisa May Alcott.

What better way to commemorate such a bond than with some sick matching sibling tattoos? You share the same DNA, isn’t the next logical step sharing the same tattoo? Celebrating the relationship you have with your sisters and your brothers with a trip to the local tattoo parlor is a purely beautiful expression of brotherly/sisterly love. If I had a brother or sister, I would totally want to get a tattoo to celebrate each other. I’d also likely feel really bad about years of adolescent psychological torture I surely would have inflicted upon them, so it’s probably good my parents pumped the brakes after I came out of the womb.

Here are some pictures of siblings who wanted to cement this unique bond between each other even further by getting tattooed.

Author’s note: I was totally lying.  I have never read Little Women and I really doubt I ever will.

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