#ArtShare: Talley Matthew

#ArtShare: Talley Matthew

Matthew's sense of sensuality carries over to his unbelievable nude figure paintings.

Fine art and tattoos share a lot in common. The same underlying techniques that are used in various forms of fine art — shading, pointillism, realism, etc. — can also be found in tattoos. And while their commonalities are plentiful, their differences are what makes them absolutely beautiful and celebrated. You may remember artist Talley Matthew for his stunning fine lined black and grey work that landed him a guest spot at King’s Avenue in Manhattan’s Lower East Side later this month. Known for his complete mastery of placement as well as the sensual undertones of his work, Matthew’s fine lined black and grey is some of our favorites, but did you know he’s also a fine artist? Carrying his unique sense of sensuality over to his fine art, but leaving behind a few of the details, Matthew’s beautiful nude figure drawings are absolutely phenomenal.

Where his fine lined black and grey work relies heavily on the finest of details, at times even taking care to fully express the delicacy of the spider’s web or the individual scales on a long and winding snake, his nude figure drawings are delightfully simple and free from any unnecessary fineries. Using various types of paint on pressed paper, Matthew creates gorgeous drawings of nude figures in different poses. It is through these poses that he manages to carry the sensuality of his work through to his fine art. And while there is a definitive sexuality to his paintings, it is never crude or crass. Instead, it reads as more of a study of the female figure, the way it moves in natural — never forced — poses.

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