How Many Episodes Of Magnum P.I. Did Tom Selleck Direct?

How Many Episodes Of Magnum P.I. Did Tom Selleck Direct?

We dig deep to find the answer to this nugget of trivia and check out some Tom Selleck tattoos.

This week’s Tattoodo Question of the Week was submitted by Anthony L. from Charleston, South Carolina.

Anthony writes: “Hey, help me settle a bet. How many episodes of Magnum P.I. did Tom Selleck direct? I swear it’s around two dozen, but my friend Pete says he only directed three.”

Well, this certainly wasn’t going to be easy to answer, but we here at Tattoodo love a challenge. We reached out to series co-creator Glen A. Larson. It turns out he died three years ago, but one of his surviving children whom did not wish to be named in this article pointed us towards Mary Sturgess, a lifelong archivist at Universal Pictures Television.

Ms. Sturgess said, “Tom Selleck never directed a single episode of Magnum P.I. The bulk of the series was directed by Ray Austin, Mike Vejar, and Ivan Dixon.”

As it turns out, Mr. Selleck has never directed a single thing in his whole career. The iconic star of Mr Baseball, Quigley Down Under, and Three Men and a Baby doesn’t belong behind a camera, he belongs in front of one, you idiots.

While we’ve got you here, would you like to look at some badass Tom Selleck tattoos? Go on, take a look. He’s already on your mind anyway.

There you have it, Tom Selleck didn’t direct a single episode of Magnum P.I. But he’s still pretty cool, and some of these tattoos are undeniably sweet.

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